6 Days Mount Kenya Rock Climbing


6 Days Mount Kenya Rock Climbing

Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline-pumping adventure with our 6 Day Rock Climbing Mt. Kenya package. This experience is perfect for thrill-seekers who want to take their climbing skills to the next level while enjoying breathtaking views of Kenya’s highest mountain.

Over the course of six days, you’ll get to experience the thrill of climbing Mt. Kenya with the guidance of our expert climbing instructors. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, our team will tailor the climb to your skill level to ensure you have the best experience possible.

But this isn’t just about climbing a mountain. You’ll also get to immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of Mt. Kenya’s lush forests, alpine meadows, and jagged peaks. Our expert guides will lead you on a journey through this unique ecosystem, where you’ll encounter a diverse range of wildlife and plant life.

As you climb higher, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, including the vast expanse of the Great Rift Valley. And when you reach the summit, you’ll be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment like no other.

But the benefits of this experience go beyond just the physical thrill and stunning views. You’ll also gain valuable skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and mental resilience that can be applied to all areas of your life.

Take the first step towards an unforgettable experience and book now!

Route: Sirimon – Chogoria

Season: July to September

Duration: 6 Days

Difficulty: Medium

Scenery: Excellent

Traffic: Low

With Ahambi Tours Team you are never a stranger.

Package Includes:

  • Transport
  • Food (3 Meals a Day)
  • Experienced Porter
  • Accommodation
  • Certified technical climbing guide
  • Experienced and Professional trekking guide
  • Experienced and Professional tour chef
  • All Park entry fees
  • Government taxes


  • Tips, drinks, telephone, laundry or any other personal expenses.


Day 1. Sirimon gate-Oldmoses camp(3300m).

Nanyuki town is the base for starting your hike on the northern Sirimon route of the mountain. Upon arrival, you will get to meet the crew assigned to your trip and normally a double checking at the office to be sure you have what`s needed for the hike.

That done, you will proceed to the Sirimon gate where check in is done after the payment done and tickets acquired.

On a paved road, you will have 9 km to cover to the Oldmoses camp which an about 3-4hrs depending on your pace. This being the dryer side of the mountain, the rainforest on this route isn`t dense like the rest but albeit it`s a habitat to some animals and a good bird species.

Although the big ones like the elephants and the buffalos are known to stay away from the road at daytime, the waterbucks, the bushbuck, baboons and the handsome black and white Columbus monkeys can be spotted on the way. The dik-dik is also a frequent visitor at the Oldmoses camp.

The hartlaub`s turaco is one of the endemic species of birds here, and the splendor of her red wings when in flight is a sight to behold. The golden sunbird, kikuyuensis, the African pied wagtail and the Jackson`s francolin just to mention but a few are also on the list of the birding experience on this day.

From the rainforest zone you will venture into the giant heath zone where the Oldmoses camp is situated. Our team will be there for a warm reception and carry on with the catering as you wait for the send day to continue.


Day 2. Oldmosescamp-Shipton`s camp (4200m).

After an early breakfast, the hiking will commence through the giant heath into the moorland and finally getting to the afro alpine zone. The changes in the belts of vegetation as you go to higher altitude is mesmerizing. The tussock grass dominates the moorlands and into the afro alpine zone, teleki lobelia, giant forest groundsels, red hot poker and the blooming gladiolus are some of the plants thriving in this high altitude.

The mountain chat, slender-billed starlings, streaky seedeater and the scarlet tufted malachite sunbird are some of the birds to watch on this day as well as the verraux`s eagle soaring the sky above 4000m as they prey on their favorite diet, the rock hyrax or well known as the elephant cousins. On a sunny day, you will see the mammals basking on rocks or feeding on the grass in the morning.

After an eventful day with amazing flora and fauna, rivers and valleys crossed, you will arrive at the shipton`s camp for a second night stay. This is after a 6-8hrs hike, again depending on your pace.


Day 3. Shipton`s camp-Pt.Lenana (4985m)

The climax, and in order to catch the spectacular sunrise at the summit, the hike to third highest peak here, Pt Lenana (4985m) will begin at around 0300hrs through the alpine zone and depending on the season snow can also be encountered. After braving the cold and the high altitude, you will be rewarded with memorable views once you reach the top, a sunrise experience that will stay with you long enough, on a lucky clear day Mt Kilimanjaro can also be seen far south. Here, you will also get a closer view of the main peaks, the Lewis glacier and a walk by the tarns and glacier lakes.

You will then head back to Shipton`s camp for breakfast and after which the rest of the day will be taken easy as you prepare and have your body recover for the rock climbing to the Batian peak(5199m).


Day 4. Shipton`s camp-Batian peak (5199m)

After an early breakfast, you will hike to the climbing base, arriving by daybreak for the climax climb to Africa`s second highest peak. This will a full day`s event after the success, you will be returning to the Shipton`s camp later in the night (CONGRATULATIONS).


Day 5. Shipton`s camp-Meru bandas (2950m)

From the Shipton`s camp, you will change routes from the northern to the eastern side via the simba col. Passing through the Mintos hut, the gorges valley will be the highlight with amazing scenery amidst the breathtaking landscape on your way down. A detour to the Nithi waterfall on your descent just before lunch break and later continue to Meru bandas for your last night.


Day 6. Meru bandas-Chogoria town.

This will be a morning hike through the Chogoria forest which is ideal for birdwatching. A 2hrs walk to the Chogoria forest clearance where transport will be waiting to Chogoria town and the to your preferred destination.