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10 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari

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At Ahambi Tours, We have first-hand knowledge of the country’s wonderful culture and know the best places for a real African safari. With Ahambi Tours team you are never a Stranger.

Package Includes:

  • Transport by comfortable safari vehicles with hatch-roofs.
  • Park entry fee for all parks that are stated in the itinerary.
  • Accommodation.
  • All meals as per the Itinerary.
  • Game drives as per the Itinerary.
  • Driver/Guide allowances and park fees for vehicle and driver
  • Service of experienced English – Speaking driver/guide.
  • Government taxes.


  • Tips, drinks, telephone, laundry or any other personal expenses.


Day 1. Nairobi-Amboseli.

Leaving Nairobi in the morning, you will drive for about 4-5hrs to the Amboseli national park.

The arrival will be timely for lunch and after some rest, you will the lodge/camp for an evening game drive.

Popularly known for being the best place you can get the closest to free-ranging elephants, the Amboseli has the best view too, of the world`s highest free-standing mountain, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

With sparse vegetation and long dry periods, the swamps at the park offers perfect spots for birding and game watching as the animals flock them for watering. This provides good opportunities too for the carnivores found here like the lions and cheetahs as they ambush their prey.

A range of wildlife from the lions, cheetahs, cape buffalo, maasai giraffe, Grant`s zebra, spotted hyena, antelopes and herds of free ranging elephants among others are what to expect on the game drive.

There is an estimated 400 bird species found here and hence birdwatching is also on the menu, including the aquatic one found in the five swamps and the seasonal lake. You will return to your lodge/camp afterwards for the night.


Day 2. Amboseli-Nairobi

Beginning with an early game drive, before breakfast, you will experience the wildlife activities as the animals begin their day.

Going back for breakfast afterwards, you will then head out again for more game watching until noon as the animals are normally inactive as the temperatures rise in the park, and later after a lunch break, you will drive back to Nairobi with more game watching on your way before you exit the national park.

You will be arriving in Nairobi late in the evening for the night before proceeding with your safari to Maasai Mara the following day.


 Day 3. Nairobi-Maasai Mara

You will leave Nairobi in the early morning for Maasai Mara national reserve.

Renowned for its uniqueness in wildlife and birdlife diversity, the Maasai Mara is a hotspot to anyone dreaming of an amazing wildlife experience.

On your way, there will be stopover just before Mai Mahiu for a spectacular view of the Great Rift Valley`s viewpoint which runs from Lebanon`s Beqaa valley in Asia to Mozambique in southeast of Africa, for an estimated 7ooo km. After a short photo session, drive to the Mara will continue.

Arriving approximately around 1300hrs at your lodge/camp, lunch will be served and after which you will rest for about 2hrs to recover from the long drive`s fatigue and later head out for an evening game drive. This will be timely considering the animals too have a tendency to being inactive during the hottest part of the day in the savannah.

The evening game drive will mark the beginning of your wildlife safari experience.

Renowned for its abundance and diversity in wildlife, the Mara game drive will give you a wonderful experience, unbelievably closely mingling with the animals as they roam through the jungle carefree in their activities. Some of the animals found here are the members of the big five; African elephant, buffaloes, leopard, rhino and the lion, amongst other carnivorous like the cheetah, jackals, wild dogs, hyenas and caracals, just to highlight but a few. A wide range of antelope species and birdlife are also found here.

Thereafter, you will return to your lodge/camp.


Day 4. Maasai Mara (full day game drive)

This will be an eventful day in the savannah.

After breakfast, you will head for a full day`s game drive, this will be the climax of the safari with ample time for the game drive. This will be a good chance of more wildlife and birds. The landscape here is also amazing and will add to your experience.

A visit to the Mara river is also a highlight on this day. Here you will get to see the hippos and the crocodiles. For those who visit during the wondrous Wildebeest migration, which is the annual exodus of thousands of wildebeest and zebras from the southern Serengeti national park in Tanzania to the Mara in search of greener pastures, you will have an exclusive encounter as you witness one of the world wonders. This is as the migrating animals scramble to cross the deadly river with the many crocodiles lurking for easy meal, and hence proofs a battle for the daring and the bravest, and thein the action.

After day spent in the jungle, the African savannah, you will head back to your lodge/camp for the night.

For an amazing view of the galaxy around the equator, you can spare some time at night and catch the spectacle, this will be amidst numerous sounds from the nocturnal animals and birds.


Day 5. Maasai Mara-Lake Naivasha

After breakfast, a cultural visit to a Maasai village next to the reserve will be done. An African tribe still holding on their traditions, a local guide will educate you on their way of life within the civilization, from their shelter, food to their clothing. Their warriors (morans) will as well entertain you in the famous Maasai dance which you can also join.

You will then drive to Naivasha town for more game watching, with the boat riding being the main activity at the lake.

At the highest elevation of the Kenyan Rift Valley lakes at 1884m, L. Naivasha is a fresh water lake located at the edge of Naivasha town, and a hotspot for many water birds, making it a perfect place for birdwatching. The fish eagles are commonly caught here too in their fishing action. A nature walking to the lake`s island can also be done.

After the events, you will be driven to your hotel in Naivasha town.


Day 6. Lake Naivasha-Lake Nakuru

The driver will pick from your hotel for the drive to Lake Nakuru.

The lake is famous for its high population of Flamingos, this had changed over the years though as a result of the water levels, which prompted a migration of the birds. However, the lake is gradually experiencing their return from recently and hence an ideal opportunity to view the pink lake as the birds make it look.

Also of a highlight here is the rhinos present at the park and easy to find unlike the Mara where, though available, it has proofed a rare animal to spot.

Most of the other animals like the lions, cape buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, monkeys are also found here with the exception of the African elephant.

The rhinos are also easily spotted here unlike in Maasai mara where they are rarely seen and thus a great place to perhaps complete the search for the big five animals.

This will be a full day`s game drive, with a chance to catch a spectacular sunset by the lake when it`s not cloudy in the evening, where after you will drive back to your lodge/camp for the night.


Day 7. Lake Nakuru-Olpejeta Conservancy.

You will leave L. Nakuru town for Olpejeta conservancy via Nyahuru town where you will have stopover at the Thompson`s falls on the Ewaso Ng`iro river, which drops a cheer 243 ft.

Thereafter you will proceed to the Olpejeta Conservancy.

Situated on the equator, at the foothills of Mount Kenya west of Nanyuki town, the conservancy is the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa.

Also found in the conservancy is the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary for orphaned, abandoned and rescued chimpanzees, and it`s actually the only place in Kenya they can be seen.

All the big five animals are also found here, with the Grevy`s zebras and the high rhino population as well as a visit to the chimpanzee sanctuary being the highlights.

Arriving in the afternoon, you will have a game drive in the conservancy, visit the rhino conservation center, and later be driven to your lodge/camp for the night.


Day 8. Olpejeta-Samburu National Reserve.

The day will begin with a game drive, then visit the Chimpanzees sanctuary after where you will exit the conservancy for a drive to the Samburu National Reserve.

The Samburu national reserve is located at the northern plains of Kenya, and is home to dry-country fauna like the Oryx, Reticulated giraffe and the Grevy`s zebra.

Members of the big five animals are also present here as well as the lesser ones and hundreds of bird species too.

Due to its dry condition, the watering points offer guaranteed perfect spots for game watching during the hottest part of the day.

Arriving in the afternoon, you will have a game drive late in the day towards the evening and later head to your lodge/camp.


Day 9. Samburu National Reserve.

This will be a day mostly spent on game drives, with some breaks as the temperatures rises high during the day.

Nearby is the Samburu community and you will have an opportunity of visiting their village for some cultural enlightenment.

You will finally go back to your lodge/camp for the night.


Day 10. Samburu-Nairobi.

You will have a morning game drive and thereafter exit the reserve for your drive back to Nairobi, arriving in the evening.

This will mark the end of the ten days` safari.