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Mount Kenya Scenic Flight Tour

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This is an exclusive 2 hours` helicopter flying tour which brings you to the beauty of the mountain with its mesmerizing scenery and the diverse geographical features.

Starting at the Nanyuki Airfield, you will be picked from your hotel early in the morning to be on time for a start just before sunrise. This offers a perfect timing as normally the sky is blue in the morning and hence ideal weather for both flying and viewing.

Flying across the different vegetation belts from the rainforest, heath forest, moorland, afro alpine zone and into the alpine zone. The circuit around the main peaks; Batian (5199m), Nelion (5188m) and Lenana (4985m) will get you close views to the Africa`s second highest mountain summit.

Through the different valleys, close hovering over lakes and glaciers, you will then touch down at Lake Michaelson`s on the gorgeous gorge’s valley on the eastern side for a picnic breakfast and an optional fishing activity.

Thereafter, you will fly towards the northern foothills of the mountain for mesmerizing landscapes for your tour completion.


  • The trip is limited to 4 people per helicopter, however extra helicopters are available for group tour.
  • The pickup location is from a hotel in or near Nanyuki town.
  • The scenic tour`s availability is strictly subjected to perfect flying conditions.