Which is the best route to hike Mt. Kenya

Which is the best route to hike Mt. Kenya?

This is a common question for anyone planning to trek Mt Kenya and often a crucial juncture in their decision on which route to take on their hiking experience.

With some relying on friend`s recommendation based on their experience, there are those who depend on available information in various platforms as they embark on this.

At Ahambi Tours, we have noted this as one of the frequently asked questions from our customers, and hence, the need to have this topic in guiding and helping millions of travelers panning to do Mt. Kenya.

There are several routes and options of trekking up and down this mountain, with Burguret route, Timau track, Kamweti, Naromoru route, Sirimon route and Chogoria route being the main options for this adventure.

There is an option of using the same route up and down, but most of the trekkers prefer taking a different route on their descent except for exceptional preferences or certain logistics that might restrict one to the same route for ascent and descent.

From our experience at Ahambi Tours, we have had our team use all the available routes in our services to our clients, and have singled out the Chogoria route as the most scenic.

Why the Chogoria route?

It`s obvious you would expect an elaborative explanation as to why we prefer this route over the rest and thus, the second question is, why the Chogoria route?

Well, with Mount Kenya offering a range of hiking and sporting activities, this route stands out with its unique diversity.

From the beginning, whether hiking or driving through the montane forest and the bamboo thickets, the forest on this eastern side of the mountain ranks the highest and offers the best experience.

From the dominant Podocarpus trees, the bamboo, the forest is habitat to different bird species, African green pigeon, Abyssinian Ground Thrush, Mountain Buzzard,Hartlaub`s Turaco, Violet-backed Sterlings, Black-and-white Mannikin,  and also rich in wild animals like the African elephants, bushbucks, buffaloes, elands, white tailed mongoose, water bucks and elands. The route provides a high chance of spotting the animals considering the available watering points should you be staying at the Chogoria gate camp site or at the cabins available here. It`s therefore the main route where you are guaranteed of spotting most of the animals while looking forward to the summit as the climax of your hike.

Rivers and lakes on Mount Kenya.

You will definitely have rivers to cross on most of the routes on Mount Kenya but on this route, the highlight is the Nithi waterfall on the Nithi river. When going up this route, you will have the option of visiting the waterfall on your ascent which is a different experience compared to the other routes.

For the lakes, there are a number of tarns and lakes on Mt. Kenya. The Lake Ellis and Michaelson are found on this route, and at Ahambi Tours, we have tailor-made itineraries that have you camping by this lake for exceptional experience.

It`s crystal clear thet every mountaineer has their mind preoccupied by a successful summit and all their energy is geared towards that, but often this has taken away beautiful things and activities along the way. Whether you do it from passion or just for fun, the two lakes offer an option in fishing experience which again is unique to this route.

This is even better since the lake Ellis can be accessed by 4WD vehicle, and hence a perfect getaway for outdoor lovers with limited time.

The gorges valley.

With different valleys in Mt. Kenya, this valley brings breathtaking views and stands as the most gorgeous valley of all the rest. With the lake Michaelsons in view, the Vivian falls from the river that runs down the valley and the different peak`s view including the main peaks, it is such a sight to behold and perhaps the best experience for anyone trekking this mountain.

At this point of the hike, you will have gained more elevation into diverse ecosystem which includes the moorlands, tussock grasslands, grassy glades and sedges. Also getting into and past the heath forest zone beyond the montane forest, and encountering different vegetation zone in the afro alpine zone, with the protea kilimandscharica, the Senecio keniodendron which is endemic to Mt. Kenya, Lobelia telekii and Senecio lobelia just to name but a few.

Some of the birds found at this high elevation is the Scarlet-tufted Malachite, Streaky seedeater and the Verreaux`s eagle which has the Rock Hyrax`s as its main diet and are also found here.

Climbing via Chogoria route.

With rock climbing being one of sporting activities available on the mountain, we at Ahambi Tours have considered this route for ascent to our clients looking forward to scaling the ultimate heights of the Nelion and Batian peaks through rock climbing.

This comes after preliminary hike to Lenana peak which is the third highest, and thereafter the main peaks.

With all this provisions be it for a day trip, overnight expeditions to longer trips, we highly recommend taking the Chogoria route, and at Ahambi Tours, driven by passion and experience, we will see to it that your hike on Mt. Kenya is a memorable one even as you look forward to making dreams com true.


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